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Influence Systems’ organizational development and training consultants have a minimum of 10 years business experience and draw on this experience to provide a personalized approach that ensures that you will receive the information and assistance your company needs.

Seasoned in business, our presenters have the ability to both speak the language of C-level officers and translate complex business concepts to hourly workers. Workshop evaluations consistently reflect top-notch skills in relating to the concerns of participants and keeping people engaged.

To add to the relevancy, we offer workshops, organizational surveys, 360s and change initiatives that integrate our extensive corporate experience with the unique requirements of your organization. ISI tailors each class to the client. There are no off-the-shelf manuals or canned presentations. We do this to ensure our services fit your organization like a glove.

In addition, all courses are customer-driven in that the participants discuss real-world issues and concerns they have encountered in their own workplaces. Job application is integral to workshop design, resulting in a balanced blending of behavioral science with hard world applications. Our courses also include small-group exercises, role-playing scenarios and on-the-job applications. As a result, participants do not go back to their desks and forget what was taught—they put it to work in the class and on the job.

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