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"For nearly two decades, Influence Systems has served the global corporate community by helping people and businesses lead, influence, persuade, and develop people effectively. Our training and development services move people and organizations to achieve their desired results as they develop trust in the organization.

Trust has clear financial value in addition to being the bedrock of all work relationships. Fearless analysis, reality-based decision making, the maintenance and completion of agreements, successful delegation, effective team work, and the simple and direct exchange of information depend upon trust. Trust is more than a 'nice-to-have' attribute of relationships. It's the glue of human systems. Trust is the essential medium in interactions among leaders, salespeople, clients, suppliers, managers, and employees.

Influence Systems' programs address the behaviors and beliefs of people and organizations. Our success rests on our unique ability to integrate successful leadership practices with core beliefs and values. We link our development initiatives to real-world issues. We transform academic theory into pragmatic business issues: we go beyond theory to get down and work with your real business challenges. As a result, people learn new approaches to achieve their goals and, at the same time, experience a sense of revitalization.

The programs described here skim the surface of a process I hold near and dear – how to influence your customers, bosses, peers, direct reports, and suppliers. We can help you get there – to truly realize your desired goals – by working together. The staff of Influence Systems and I look forward to assisting you and your company in achieving results through influence."

Tom Wunder, President

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