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Since 1986, Influence Systems has delivered training and organizational development coursework to more than 50,000 employees and executives in some of the nation’s largest and most prestigious corporations. Founded by Tom Wunder, ISI is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, with consultants around the country able to serve clients’ needs.

Influence Systems enables organizations to realize their performance, financial and people goals by strengthening organizational and people effectiveness. Founded in La Jolla, California, in 1986, Influence Systems moved its corporate headquarters to Boulder to more effectively serve its customers nationwide.

Our client base covers the Who’s Who of global business. As the ‘systems’ in our name implies, we specialize in supporting organizations with complex human resource systems be they Fortune 1000 companies, large government organizations or niche groups, all with the common need to realize long-term change and increase productivity and performance. Over the last 20 years, Influence Systems has worked with such companies as Raytheon Aircraft, Boeing Aircraft, Northwestern Mutual, Sandia National Laboratory, Kimberly-Clark, Guardian Life, Honeywell and Reckitt Benckiser to help them accomplish their unique goals.

We operate on the simple belief that trust is the key to success. When people trust, they do not fear. Without fear, the sky is the limit in achieving potential, innovation and maximum performance.

"Tom Wunder has an extraordinary ability to relate to my situation. Has he been hiding under my desk?" Comments ranging from "excellent" to "extraordinary" are common from individuals attending workshops or seminars designed and delivered by Tom Wunder.

Wunder's ability to capture his audience and get them to change behaviors to increase their success is the dynamic energy driving the company he founded in 1986. Influence Systems, Inc., Wunder's management consulting firm, educates individuals and corporations on how to achieve results by influencing the human systems that make up their organizations. According to Wunder, "Trust is the essential ingredient in innovation. If your people systems engender distrust your company is dead. At Influence Systems, our consulting services and training programs are designed to enable individuals and companies to innovate and increase profit, while building 'trust' in the process."

Wunder oversees training and organizational development programs as president of Influence Systems. Underlying all Influence Systems' services is the belief that effectiveness increases as people learn how to make meaningful choices that build trust AND contribute to company profit. He comments, "Contemporary work environments are constantly changing—successful companies recognize the importance of trust in ensuring successful change. Our programs' success comes from the emphasis we place on trust and on our demand for practicality. At Influence Systems, by engaging people in learning we enable them to see how their behavior can contribute to profits—this is why we succeed. Companies like our profit perspective and people like our humanism—isn't that what your business should be about?' Wunder began his consulting career in graduate school at the University of Wisconsin. He worked for the Center for Leadership Studies (Hersey and Blanchard) as Senior Consultant and Director of Sales Development. Reflecting on his twenty-five years as a consultant, he says, "Trust combined with skill and core competence proves to be an unstoppable recipe for success."

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