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This skill building workshop develops the strategic and tactical skills of influence and persuasion. It is ideal for anyone who must influence:

  • without using authority,
  • cross-functionally,
  • up the chain of command, or
  • in consultative situations.

It is an excellent workshop for developing business relationships internally or externally. This course consistently receives job relevancy ratings above 90%. It is a 1- to 3- day workshop deliverable in 1/2- day segments. Train-the-Trainer packaged programs are also available.

Case Study: Airplane Manufacturer

The following has been said about the Achieving Influence workshop and its facilitators:

  • "This will help me tremendously in the future when I am looking for support of team members/others."

  • "I am one of the newest employees, so I don't have much authority; influence is critical."

  • "I wish all team members would take this class."

  • "This is a great class. I learned more about myself and how to deal with different work situations."

  • "Tom does an excellent job bringing everyone in from the start. He came up to each of us individually before the training to introduce himself --nice touch."

  • "Tom really did his homework! He knew about KC's environment as well as local information that he incorporated effortless into his delivery."

  • "...did a great job relating the models and processes to my business and was also able to give great examples from his own past experiences."
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