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DO IT imparts skills and practices for developing person-to-person trust as well as fostering organization trust. High trust in workplace relationships reduces uncertainty and fear while sustaining motivation. In DO IT, participants identify their own fears, learn how fear diminishes performance, and learn new ways to develop trust.

By learning behaviors that build trust, participants enhance cross-functional collaboration, reduce workarounds, and increase committment. Topics covered in this one-day workshop include:

  • the relationship of integrity, ability, and benevolence to the History of Promises,
  • the Trust Model,
  • the Trust Continuum,
  • the Financial Impact of Trust (FIT),
  • and the Trust Value Added™ (TVA).

The following has been said about the DO IT workshop and its facilitators:

  • "An opportunity to focus on a "soft skill" -- our institution can benefit from more of this!"

  • "This should be required for all managers- existing as well as new."

  • "Instructor was well informed and kept the class moving at a nice pace. Learned a lot of new concepts that I will apply to work."

  • "Roberta was great and I would enjoy taking other workshops with her in the future."
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