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The term "feedback" often stirs emotions and brings to mind "performance management" or "criticism." MFS reframes feedback from punishment to opportunity. The program works from the premise that high performance occurs when managers and employees provide and ask for feedback from one another. This 1 to 3 day workshop (in half-day segments) enables participants to effectively provide information on performance and behaviors to:

  • co-workers,
  • direct reports, and
  • upward to managers.

Several clients describe this program as "Saving our department!" Target audience includes:

  • executives,
  • management,
  • team members, and
  • individual contributors.

In addition, we provide one-day courses including:

  • Mastering Difficult Feedback Discussions, and
  • Feedback Skills Overview

These courses are tailored to the needs of managers faced with situations such as performance reviews. Be sure to ask us for more information.

The following has been said about the Mastering Feedback Skills workshop and its facilitators:

  • "This will be extremely helpful. I have more confidence regarding providing feedback and some tools to use when receiving."

  • "I've already used some in feedback sessions after Day 1. Avoiding vaugue wording has helped deliver more effective feedback."

  • "There is no such thing as negative feedback."

  • "[She] did an excellent job of giving us some difficult situations to deal with during feedback which made it a better learning experience."

  • "Excellent course! Facilitator masterfully summarized management and concepts."

  • "The variety of real life examples she gave really helped me gain an understanding of the tools."
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