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RARE means developing objective performance measures, making mutual agreements about work, and building trust in relationships. This challenging 1-day workshop engages participants by playing the Minefield Game to discover how agreements and performance are connected. Participants develop individual and interdependent measures related to their work and they examine their most common alibis and reframe them into new responses.

RARE introduces a set of communication skills and practices for furthering high performance, clarification, and ownership of job responsibilities. Skill practice sessions involve both employees and managers in defining:

  • accountability measures,
  • development contracts, and
  • relationship/work agreements with each other.

The following has been said about the RARE workshop and its facilitators:

  • "Tom was great. He was able to engage the group. He brought a lot of energy into the class which motivated the group to participate and share ideas. I would like to see that type of energy in other training classes I attend."

  • "Very well constructed course, facilitator was excellent. This is a course that is essential to every level of the organization."

  • "The best course I have had in years."

  • "Great class and course content!"
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